Seeing the World From the Balcony in Times of the Pandemic

Luglio 2020


In early April, at the height of quarantine in Italy, Gregg F. Relyea invited me to get involved in a multi-part article about how the current crisis was affecting conflict resolution in each continent and what lessons it would offer for the future. 


I had got to know Gregg because of my interest in Trouble at the Watering Hole, a book he co-authored with Joshua Weiss. It’s a jewel of a book - have already written about it last December - that teaches young children about negotiation.


In just a few weeks, Gregg managed to pull conflict resolution professionals from the four corners of the globe - well, actually seven corners. The result is  Conflict Resolution in the Time of Covid 19 Voices from the Seven Continents of the World, a combined article now published on in seven installments.


I felt privileged and honored to be part of the group with my own contribution Seeing the World "from the Balcony" in Times of the Pandemic.

The entire project is further proof - not that much more is needed - that each voice and perspective acquires greater strength and significance within a chorus. 

For your convenience, I'm providing an authentic Italian translation below. It's more accurate than any computer generated translation. Read